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Appointments are conducted by

Phone, Skype, Facetime, or In Person.

*Susan Deren is an "intuitive" and in all readings, gives her intuitive impressions of what is happening with your animal.  Intuitive guidance is not a substitute for your veterinarian's care.  If your animal is sick or injured, please see a doctor immediately.


• During an Animal Reading, Susan will give you information about your pet's emotional, mental, and physical state*. She has an intuitive ability to feel what animals are experiencing. When she finds issues, she will intuitively assess what is causing the behavior or problem along with suggestions to solve such.


• Whether you are having a problem or just want to know how your pet feels about a situation, Susan can assist you.


• Once Susan gives you what she receives, your reading will be interactive with her and you will be able to ask questions about your pet.


• Just like with humans, life experiences shape the personality and behavior of animals. Susan's goal is to provide you with a better overall understanding of your animal and, with that, a better relationship with your pet.





Susan's Animal Communication clients range from Pet Owners to professionals in the Horse Show world, including Trainers and Riders.  Veterinarians have also consulted with her where an animal's physical issues could not be determined through traditional medical testing.  Susan has been intuitively assessing animals professionally now for over 25 years, providing solutions to animal issues.


Her abilities have been featured on ABC-TV's Boston affiliate station WCVB-TV's CHRONICLE, an evening news magazine program aired throughout New England. She has also appeared in Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Eagle Tribune, Haverhill Gazette, Massachusetts Horse, Horse Show Wire E-Magazine, and L.A. Travel Magazine.


Susan has clients throughout the United States and abroad including Australia, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, and Thailand.




Over the years, Susan has personally been the proud owner of a horse, various cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, rabbits and chickens.


At the age of 10, she taught her dog how to count and would often do performances for the neighbors.  Her father, who trained Military Police dogs in World War II, taught her the behavior techniques he utilized when she was 15.  By the time she was 18, she could ride her horse without a bridle, not an easy task even for a skilled rider.  Apparently, her Animal Communication abilities started at a very young age.


Soon, she began to realize that she could sense and feel what horses and other animals were experiencing physically, mentally, and emotionally.  At first, she hesitated to pass on this information to others.  By her early twenties, she had developed the confidence to share the information she was receiving with animal owners and they began to verify the information she received was correct.


Decades later, she would leave the professional world as a Licensed Insurance Agent to utilize her intuition to assist animals and humans full time as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium.  Many of her clients, both human and animal, are very grateful she made that choice.









Susan Offers Readings For All Types Of Domestic & Exotic Animals

Her Clients Include

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys, Rabbits, Pigs, Ferrets, Birds, Lizards, Hamsters, and more.




• Unknown History - Rescued & Adopted Pets

• Change in Behavior  

• Signs of Depression

 • Sudden Aggression or Territorial Marking

 • Obsessive Behavior

 • Separation Anxiety

• Change In Home Life - Moving

• New Person in Home or New Animal in Home

• Loss of Animal Companion or Family Member


"Susan Deren has looked at an animal and given me information about its physical condition that took x-rays and other extensive testing procedures to diagnose.  Her abilities are such a gift!"

Dr. Susan Denault, DVM - Stratham, NH



"I have counted on Susan several times to help me gain insight into our beloved pets mysteries as a way of making a connection and understanding of what they feel, want, need from me, or my family.  My recent experience with Susan was critical to us--we rescued a pit bull mix puppy--soon a skin rash broke out that had us exhausted and tearful.  When the vets could not figure out the problem--I knew it was time for another call with Susan.   Not only did she figure out the problem, but something unexpected happened.  She encouraged me to have my husband Jeff interact with the dog at this time to draw him out.

What Susan didn't know was that my husband's mother and father had recently passed within months of each other.  Susan's insight was able to connect a closed-hearted Jeff with a little pup to pull him out of his shell and live again--he plays and teaches this dog as I have never seen him do before with any of our animals and he is happy again.

God bless you and your gift!  I pray more people will open their hearts and listen to their pets needs through an animal communicator like Susan Deren."

Sue Read - Hartford, CT



"I contacted Susan because our dog refused to eat its food in the kitchen.  Since we live in a small house, this became very impractical.  When Susan began the session, she immediately asked if we had a dishwasher... a very noisy dishwasher.   Puzzled, since we were in the living room and it was not on at the time, I said, 'yes it is pretty old and quite noisy.'

She explained to us that our dog was afraid of the noise coming from it, and then she began to silently 'communicate' with our dog.  Our dog immediately left the room and went into the kitchen to eat her food.  We have never had the problem again."

Janet Saccione - Haverhill, MA



"Susan literally saved our dogs life!  Maggie, our 6 year old Black Lab was diagnosed with cancer and was down to 38 lbs. We were told by our vet and a vet specialist that she had a short time to live.  During a phone reading with Susan Deren, she said she didn't believe that it was cancer and felt that she was severly lacking in nutrition and suggested a raw diet.  We put her on a raw diet the next day and within a month, she gained almost 10 lbs.

Since she was gaining her weight back, we decided to get a 3rd opinion.  The new vet immediately found that Maggie's pancreas wasn't producing the enzymes to allow her to take in needed nutrition.  Maggie didn't have cancer, she was starving to death.  She now gets pancreatic enzymes added to each meal and is a healthy and happy 80 pound girl.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for Susan's amazing gift and compassion for animals. Thank you Susan!"

Pam, Ty, and Maggie Farris - Marlborough, CT



"You did a reading on my Akita Mikiah.  She has had several knee surgeries.  I called you because I was worryied as to how much pain she might be in.  I wanted guidance as to how I could help her.  I just wanted to let you know that you are VERY GOOD at what you do!

Because of the direction that you gave me, my Mikiah is doing great!  Your advice was right on, and I just can't thank you enough for helping my dog.  You are truly a very gifted person. It is very much appreciated, and I'm sure we'll talk again."

Sandy Gifford - Marstons Mills, MA



"Dear Susan, Dan and I want to thank you for the awesome communication with our animals last Wednesday.  

We feel we have learned so much about Lucy and it explains her odd behavior.   We have implemented your suggestions about our dog Shadow.  We had to crate her for 10 minutes once, and then the next night she was respectful to my cats.   Worked miraculously!  I  would highly recommend you to my friends.  I've already told so many people about you.

Thanks again for everything!"

Laura & Dan H - Tampa FL



"As usual, you were correct about my dog Choppers.  During my phone reading, you stated that Choppers had pain on the right side of his head, but you thought it was stemming from a problem in his neck, and I was to look into the problem ASAP.  I did, he had complete blood work done and a physical, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him.  I took him to the vet again yesterday, as Choppers was still not himself, but I knew something was wrong with him.

After examining him again, they told me that he has a disk in the neck area out and that is why he hasn't been himself.  He is to have complete rest for six to eight weeks and is now on medication to help with his condition.  Susan you have been blessesd, by God, with a wonderful gift and I pray that you will continue using it with pets as well as with people.  

Fondly, Rita Diette - Dedham, MA



"I adopted my dog Josie when she was 13 yrs old.  Five months later she  became very destructive, I thought it could be separation anxiety.  I made a phone appointment with you for an animal reading.  During the reading, you said her behavior was due to her having difficulties with some loss of her senses... hearing and eye sight.  She didn't know how to cope with it. You suggested she needed another dog companion to help her through the times that I couldn'€™t be with her.  

I arranged to have Mikey, a lab mix who she had met twice before, come over for a visit. Mikey was dropped off before I left for work When I returned I was surprised to find Josie sound asleep on the couch and Mikey relaxing on the floor.  Nothing was disturbed in the house she had not destroyed anything!   

Josie'€™s personality has completely changed from an older seemingly lethargic dog to a young, vibrant, happy puppy-like personality. To see her jump up and down from the couch chasing me and running from one room to the other with tail wagging, you would think I gave her a miracle pill!  The miracle was your assessment of her failing senses and knowing that this particular dog needed an animal companion to help her.   

I tried to set up more play dates between the two but didn'€™t succeed for almost a month.  No problem, Josie was fine!  All I can say is whatever you said to Josie worked.  Josie and Mikey enjoy each other'€™s company and we will continue with future play dates.

Thank you. You ha€™ve given both of us a new life."

Dorothy Bourbeau - Manchester, NH



"As a dog breeder you want to breed only the best of your dogs.  My best animal was having a great deal of difficulty conceiving, and with Susan's insight and help, I am happy to report that she has just delivered her 2nd litter.  She truly loves her duties as a mother to her puppies and it brings me great joy to see her so happy.

Maybe just maybe, if we are lucky, one of her little ones will win the breed at Westminster like their dam.  It wouldn't have been a possibility without your insight.  My sincere thanks to you Susan."

Annie Baker - Homespun Corgis - PWC



"Back in May of 2002 Susan Deren came to my house to give psychic readings to me and my friends.   As she was walking through my living  room, she looked down at my English Sheepdog and said to me, 'Do you know that your dog is almost blind?  On a scale of 1 to 100, she has lost about 97% of her vision.  I could be wrong, but I just don't feel that there is anything that can be done to correct it.'

Susan mentioned that I should consider taking her to an opthamologist.  I was shocked that she said this to me, as I didn't have her there for my dog.

I brought Abigail to opthamologist Dr. Allan Bacharache and he told me that Abby was almost completely blind and there wasn't anything we could do for her, although he did give me a book on living with blind dogs.  I was speechless.... having Susan tell me this has helped me to understand why Abigail was acting so bazarre.  It has made both of our lives better.

Thanks Susan!"

Phyllis Longo - Methuen, MA



"We were having a lot of problems with our dog Piper urinating in our house.  No matter how many times we let her out, she would do this in our house.  We tried many different options to get her to go outside.  But we would just wake up in the morning to a puddle.

This happened all times of the day and night.  She was ruining our rugs.  You can only imagine... we were at our witts end, when I found out that Susan Deren could communicate with animals.  So we contacted her.

Susan told us specific things to do, and then communicated to Piper about her destructive behavior.  That night when I went to bed, I didn't think about Piper and her bad behavior.  I expected good results. Unbelieveably Piper did not have an accident in the house.  In fact, she has never urinated in our house again.

If anyone is having any problems with their pets, CALL SUSAN.  She knows what she's doing and she has that special gift of being able to converse with animals.  What a blessing."

Karen Jarrett - Haverhill, MA



"I contacted Susan because my dog Tasha, was extremely lethargic and depressed.  Withour seeing my dog (phone reading) and having only her name, Susan told me that she had severe arthritis in her hip and leg, and recommended that I take her to a veterinarian.

Our vet took x-rays and assessed Tasha... they came up with the same diagnosis.  We were amazed!"

Maureen Bergeron - Groveland, MA



"Hi Susan, you gave me an animal reading for my dog Murphy.  I rescued Murphy and he was a train wreck.  You told me how to help him and gave me some great advice.  Fast forward 1 year later... I have the sweetest, best boy on the planet.  Anyway here are a couple of pix from last weekend. He is awesome now!"

Patrice O'Connor - Plymouth, MA



"My Friend and I attended your animal event at Winnekenni Castle.  You immediately were drawn to me and started talking about my newest dog.  You described him in such detail, and what amazed me was the fact that he wasn't there with us, and you had no picture of him.

Well you gave me very specific things to do to make him happy and to stop destroying our furniture.  I took your recommendations very seriously.  We all started doing exactly what you told me to do.  Well as of today, he hasn't destroyed anything.  He is so happy and amazing.

My husband and family are still in shock!  They thought he was a hopeless case and we'd have to give him up.  Not anymore!  We just love the little guy and he is now a happy member of our family. Thank you so much Susan!"

Nancy & Bill Dawson - South Hampton, NH



"I called Susan to have my dog's reading over the telephone. I explained to her that we were crating our dog Sophie because of the constant messing she was doing around our house when we weren't home.  At my witts end, I called Susan.

She gave us very specific instructions on what we needed to do with Sophie to make her more comfortable while we were away.  It has now been 6 months. and still no accidents. Thank you Susan!"

Sheryl Mala - Southwick, MA







We have noticed that many sites offering readings for animals require you to complete a questionnaire detailing the
 animal's history and condition
we do not.


Susan believes it's her job to assess the animal
 via her communication and intuitive abilities
 and make suggestions based upon such.


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Susan does NOT need to physically be with an animal in order to communicate with it.

She receives the same information from and about the animal regardless of its location. 95% of readings are via Phone, Facetime, or Skype.





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Susan Deren has over 25 years experience as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium.  Her abilities have been featured on
ABC-TV's Boston affiliate station
an evening news magazine program aired
throughout New England.  She has also appeared in
the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine,
Massachusetts Horse,
  Horse Show Wire E-Magazine, and



Susan's Animal Communication Abilities
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"A World Championship Predicted!"
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