"Susan Deren has given me information about an animal that took x-rays and a blood test to diagnose.  What a gift!"

Dr. Susan DeNault, DVM - Stratham, NH



"Because of the amazing results her friend had with Animal Communicator Susan Deren, my trainer recommended that we have a session with her for our horse Dixie.  I contacted Susan for a phone consultation.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but was quickly impressed by what she had to say.

She told me things about Dixie and even my daughter, that astounded me.  She said an old injury was bothering Dixie  again.  Everyone kept telling me that the problem was 'between Dixie's ears' and she just didn't want to do what was asked of her.  Susan said that she wanted to please us and wasn't trying to be bad, but was in pain and suggested to bring the vet out and have her re-checked. 

The vet agreed that she was having physical issues, and started treatment.  She is now no longer misbehaving under saddle.  Without Susan's insight, Dixie would have been sent to a "cowboy" trainer for an attitude adjustment.  This would have made everything so much worse!  Susan has helped me to trust my feelings and instincts with Dixie.

I very much appreciate her insight and help.  I don’t think Dixie would be recovering so nicely without it." 

Susan Kirkland - Willard, MO



"Hi Susan, I wanted to give you some feedback on the phone reading you gave me on my horse Nez.  I was having a problem with him pawing the ground and banging his head against the door to his stall.  He has been quite agitated.

During his reading, you told me that I needed to move his hay to the back right corner of his stall.  You said he doesn't like facing forward while eating.  I moved his hay that night.  I am amazed at his reaction!  He immediately became quiet and just eats.  No more noise, aggitation, or banging.  He loves it there!

Your insight and knowledge of him has been incredibly accurate.  Now I have a great relationship with my horse, because of you."

Thanks again!

Denise Andre - Coventry, RI



"In June of 2006, I decided to purchase a three year old Appaloosa gelding with NO training.  By using Susan’s visualization techniques, I've been able to break Apache to saddle myself.  Through this process, I have also been able to overcome MY own fears under saddle. 

By following Susan's instructions, I really understand my horse's view of things now.  It was so easy. I believe her interest is in the well being of her clients – the horse.  Susan has an ability to understand horses on a different level. She can help you find a balance and synergy with your horse that most people only dream about.  

By the way, all of the readings she has done for my horse, have been by telephone."  

Dawn M. Bradshaw  - Ellington, CT



"Hi Susan, I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone.  I also wanted to let you know about my horse Buddy.  Since you connected with him that night, things have been much different.  He is so much calmer and more content.  He is turned out in the paddock with Montana now and they are both so happy.  Buddy no longer paws the ground like he used to.  He is even calm when the other horse goes out on the trails without him.

The morning after our reading, I looked into Buddy's eyes, and for the first time I saw a connection.  We really understand each other.  The information that you gave me about his background has helped me to understand him so much better.  Thank you again for your insights..."

Tracey D - Vail, CO



"Hi Susan, I wanted to let you know how I am doing with my horse Rio.  I talked to you last year a couple of times by phone.  You gave me some suggestions on how to work with him, specifically one being that I had to let him know if he would be with me or I was going to send him away. He wasn't going to commit to me unless I was definate about him. 

I guess I did the right thing, because Rio and I are doing great!  I think he has turned a corner. He seems happier and more comfortable with me. I think we are both more clear about what we want and are communicating that with each other. I just started riding him again after a couple of months of ground work, and he has been very well behaved. 

Thank you so much for your help with him."

Leslie R. - Nashua, NH



"During a reading for my horse, you brought to my attention that my mindset going into show season changed drastically from practice time. I had no idea how negatively this was affecting my horse.  I started using the visualization exercises that you gave me.  To my amazement, we went from 8th place to 2nd place.  On behalf of me and my horse, Thank You."

Jeffrey Clayton - Hampton, NH



"On May 13th Susan performed an animal reading on my horse Pete.  She told me that he was ready and excited to hit the show ring.  Please let her know that Pete was Reserve Champion Amateur Pleasure Horse at the Connecticut Morgan Horse Show over the weekend.  He was excited and performed beyond my expectations! Thanks."

Elizabeth Webb - Bellewether - Judy Nason Stables - Ashby, MA


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