Spring 2018 Issue

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Spiritual seeking has long inspired travel, and these days the trend is growing more and more.  The act of journeying to a sacred place or traveling to meet a spiritual leader of interest is something in the forefront of vacation itineraries for those looking for more than your average escape.

More broadly, the opportunity that contemplative journeys provide guidance, purpose, clarity, and redemption have fast forwarded travelers to seek transformative treks to discover what life is really about.

Today a wide range of travel offerings that fall under the “spiritual exploration” umbrella are booming—everything from faith-based travel to wellness retreats that include meditation and healing elements to attracting soul searchers from all walks of life.  With this recent trend, we became curious and started researching experts in spiritual guidance.  After extensive reading, we discovered Susan Deren an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium with over 25 years of experience based in Massachusetts.  Not sure of what we were about to hear on the other end of the phone we called her and booked a meeting during our upcoming trip to the East Coast (even though most of her readings can be done via phone).

Upon meeting Susan, we learned her client base extends throughout the U.S. and abroad, and Animal Readings and Animal Medium Readings account for 80% of her current business.  We also learned that she works with local vets to help when they can’t find what is wrong with one of their patients.  What we also discovered is that she does not need to physically be with an animal in order to communicate with it.  She receives the same information from and about the animal regardless of its location.  She needs a photo of the animal only.  Well, this seemed too good to be true, so we showed her pictures of our dogs and low and behold she was on point with their personalities.  The one thing that struck home was a warning about one of our dog’s teeth.  She read that he had an infection in the very back molar on the right-hand side and that we should have a vet look at it right away.  We took the warning seriously and took our dog to the vet upon return from our trip only to find out she was exactly right.  Of course, the vet was just as surprised as we were when we told him the story.

Susan’s animal readings are extremely helpful to the many people who adopt rescue animals.  Just like with humans, life experiences shape the personality and behavior of animals.  For the most part, their history is a mystery.  Owners are often puzzled by their rescue pets’ behavior and mood shifts.  Susan serves as a vehicle for the missing pieces to help these pets adapt to their new home.  While we won’t go into further detail of our pets reading, we were blown away by the testimonials and stories of how she has assisted the toughest of animals to help them find peace.  For more information or to book your own reading with Susan visit susanderen.com


Susan's Animal Communication Abilities Featured In This Article!