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Susan Deren has over 25 years of experience as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium.  Her abilities have been featured on ABC-TV's Boston affiliate station WCVB-TV's CHRONICLE, an evening news magazine program aired throughout New England.  She has also appeared in Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Eagle Tribune, Haverhill Gazette, Massachusetts Horse, Horse Show Wire E-Magazine, and L.A. Travel Magazine.


Clients who seek her intuitive insight through Psychic Readings, or to connect with a loved human or animal on the other side via her Medium Readings, comprise a variety of occupations including Psychologists, Professors, Engineers, and Small Business Proprietors. 


Susan has clients throughout the United States and abroad including Australia, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, and Thailand. 




Susan's psychic abilities began very early in life.  At the age of 12, she was walking with a friend and noticed a car in the distance.  She told her friend they had to turn around and run away because the man driving was going to try to attack them.  Susan was insistent, "I get a bad feeling about him and I just know he's going to try to do something to us."


They ran and the car began to follow them as they moved between different blocks.  They eventually reached a neighbor's house.  The man parked in front of the house, staring at Susan and her friend.  The neighbor called the police and the man fled.  When police apprehended him, they discovered he was wanted for recently raping two women.


When Susan was 17, she often accompanied her mother to her medical appointments.  Her mother was a diabetic and had high blood pressure.  Many times, Susan just "knew" there was something wrong and would insist she see the doctor.


Her mother's physician would always ask what Susan thought was wrong with her mother.  The visual detail of what she saw in her mother's body fascinated him.  He would perform tests and then show Susan that she was correct. Eventually, he always insisted that Susan be there for her mother's appointments so the doctor could utilize her intuitive assessment.


As her intuition continued to develop in her adult years, she would often do psychic readings for friends.  She began to realize that her insight and predictions were becoming even more accurate.  As she developed a local following for Psychic Readings, she also honed her abilities by working for a large event company in New England which utilized her services for college and business events.


She eventually left the professional world as a Licensed Insurance Agent to become an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium full time, a decision she never regretted.  Over 25 years later, she has a steady client base and also offers private instruction for those seeking to develop their intuition.





A Psychic Reading can be used to focus on various issues in your life.  Many people use this type of reading for insight into their personal life.  This can include relationships, whether based upon friendship, family, or romance.  It can also encompass the individual's job situation and career path.  Some utilize it to assist in decision making to assess which option might work best for different situations in their lives.



Susan has many clients who are business owners.  They typically utilize a Psychic Reading to explore options in solving a problem.  This often encompasses issues relating to sales, personnel, advertising, or location.  Intuitive guidance can give the owner new insight in their decision making process.    


"I gave my Dad a gift certificate at Christmas for him to go to you last year.  You told him that he would be moving to Arizona and to make sure that he had an extra bedroom because my brother would be staying with them quite a bit.  My Dad told me about it, laughed, and said, 'she's crazy'. 

Well my parents now live in Tucson and my brother lives in Phoenix.  Turns out my brother got a job in Tucson, so he stays over my parents a few days and nights a week instead of commuting back and forth to Phoenix.  My father is still smiling about that one.  But the next prediction blew him away.

Knowing that my Dad just retired, you told him that very soon someone would offer him a subcontracting job as a consultant in his field.  He really laughed at that one Susan.  But, the next night at his retirement party, someone who he knew who runs a company in his field, asked him if he would do some subcontracting work as a consultant for them.   He just smiled and shook his head.  

As far as me, I did get that promotion at work that you said looked favorable for me, so that is great!"    

Thanks again!

Leslie R.  Nashua, NH



Hi Susan,  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you were right on the money with Mom and I selling the houses together.  We are closing a week apart from each other, and they went under agreement just about the same day!  Also, you had told me that I'd be working within 2 months of relocating to Florida, and sure enough after 5 weeks of applying, I finally got a job!  So far so good!

I thought I'd let you know how we were doing.  I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon."

Robin Landry - Clearwater, FL



Susan, just wanted to give you an update on my husband's work situation.  Everything you told me would happen has happened.  My husband had been out of work for 12 months when I spoke to you.  He was feeling a bit desperate.  You did say he could do any of the jobs he had sent his resume out for, but there was one job in Philadelphia that would come through.  You said it would be part-time work as a consultant, making very good money, and it would last 6 months. You then told me that he would fly Southwest to commute to the job because it would be less expensive.

Well, four weeks after I saw you, a consulting company hired my husband for a 6 month job in Philadelphia, and he is currently commuting 3 days a week. He is going to fly Southwest because the flights are cheaper than driving.  I'll keep you posted on what happens next.
Thank you so much!  It was just the positive encouragement that he needed to hear!"

Wendy Kennedy - Nashua, NH



"Very rarely, one finds a person who is selflessly serving others, just wanting to help.  Susan is such a person.  My reading was functional, hopeful, positive, and extremely honest.  She listened without judgement and helped me create a solid plan for moving forward spiritually and physically at a time in my life when I was just plain stuck.  

Her belief system, presence, and compassion are deeply appreciated.  I've been to many readers.  Susan is the real thing.  She is a light in our complicated, modern, world." 

Linda Blake -  Boston, MA



"During a phone reading with Susan Deren, she sensed that my right arm was going numb, and told me  that there was a problem with C5 & C6 in my upper spine.  She explained that she was not a medical professional but that's what came in when she focused on me.  She suggested I might want to see my physician.  She also felt that a physical therapist could help me. 

Since she was correct with the numbness I had been experiencing, I went to my orthopedic physician and after taking an MRI of my spine and examining me, he told me the same thing Susan had said.  He then sent me to a physical therapist and my arm is doing great now.  What can I say, I was amazed!"

Wayne S. - Senior Financial Services Executive



"During a phone reading with Susan, I told her that I was investigating an anonymous tip relative to merchandise being stolen from a retail store.  Susan told me that the store's owner and his wife were taking it and hiding it in a warehouse that was within 1/2 mile from the store.  

We raided a warehouse 1/4 mile away from the store and found the owner, his wife, and all of the stolen merchandise.  The details that Susan gave me were amazing!"

Arthur DeGioia, Investigative Specialist - New York, NY



"I Had a phone reading with Susan regarding my financial situation at work.  I had not had a raise in over 5 years and really needed one.  Susan gave me very specific details as to what I needed to do to accomplish this. 

So, as Susan suggested, I asked to meet with my boss.  What happened durig this meeting stunned me...  I think I'm still in shock.  After bringing important details regarding my work to his attention, he agreed that I was being underpaid.  He gave me a considerably large increase along with a $4,000 check for back pay that he felt I deserved.  Susan I don't know how to thank you."

Sharon S. - Cambridge, MA



"While having a telephone reading with Susan, she predicted that I would relocate to the West Coast with a friend and I would have a lucrative career there.  She was very clear with her details, even naming a specific company.  At the time, I had absolutely no desire to move there and, given my situation, could not see such a move.  

A year and a half later, it all happened.  I'm now living on the West Coast and have a great job working at the exact same company that she named!"   

Shawna L - Haverhill, MA



"We are grateful for Susan Deren coming into our family.  With incredible accuracy, she has given each of us a better understanding of ourselves.  

Susan has also been especially helpful in motivating our young adult children to pursue their dreams and to head them in a direction best to suit their skills.  They see Susan as a valuable  life coach and someone whom they can trust."

Ted & Lyndy Dangelmayer - Gloucester, MA



"Dear Susan,  Do you remember telling me that I'd find out the truth about my friend's death in February?  It happened... in February!  You have no idea what peace I have because of you giving me that message.  After his death, there were so many unanswered questions. Thank you for giving me my life back. 

Oh by the way, my niece had a baby boy that is VERY healthy, as you said!  You are amazing! Will keep in touch and let you know about further developments.  All the best to you Susan."

Mirj - Basel, Switzerland  













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Susan Deren has over 25 years experience as an Animal Communicator, Animal Medium, and Psychic Medium.  Her abilities have been featured on
ABC-TV's Boston affiliate station
an evening news magazine program aired
throughout New England.  She has also appeared in
the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine,
Massachusetts Horse,
  Horse Show Wire E-Magazine, and